Work Permit for Non-Citizen Skilled Contracted Workers [Commonly known as “Time Post”]


Work Permit for a “non-citizen skilled contracted worker” means a Permit granted to a non-citizen to be employed by a locally established business, organization or institution. Authority is under Section 9(2)(c) of the Immigration Act, 2003.


  1. A properly filled in application in the official form provided by the Immigration Department.
  2. A letter of request from the employer and a company profile.
  3. Certified copies of the applicant’s passport/s (bio-data page).
  4. Two certified photographs.
  5. Curriculum Vitae [CV] along with Certified copies of academic qualifications and references for proof of work experience.
  6. Contract of Employment.
  7. If accompanied by family members [Proof of relationship to be submitted];

Marriage Certificate [If legally married]

Birth Certificate [Children]

  1. Where applicable, a clipping of the advertisement in the local newspaper.
  2. A complete list of locals short listed for the job, their qualifications, and reasons as to why they were not considered suitable for the job.
  3. Where applicable, the name of a local (Fiji citizen) understudy and the relevant training program/plan is to be also submitted.
  4. Police reports for the applicant from the country of citizenship and/or residence where he/she has lived for twelve (12) months or more in the last ten (10) years.
  5. Police reports for spouse and for child if over 18 years [If applicable].
  6. Medical report conducted within three (3) months or less from the date of application.
  7. Medical reports for spouse and for child [If applicable].
  8. The requisite fee. [FJD ………]

Download Application for a Permit to Work Form