High Commission of the Republic of Fiji – New Delhi, India

Welcome to the Fijian High Commission in New Delhi, Fiji’s home in South Asia. The High Commission is the resident Mission to the Republic of India, and is accredited also to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Fiji’s links with India go back to colonial times, and the British indenture system which brought thousands of Indians to Fiji. They have since 1869 called Fiji home, and have contributed to making Fiji the multicultural hub of the Pacific that it is today. Fiji’s relations with India are therefore of enormous significance.

Fiji’s beaches, its sugar industry, its love of music, tropical flora and fauna, and our friendly nature is mirrored in India and other countries of the Mission’s accreditation. The Indian ethos of “Athiti Devo Bhava” is reflected in the welcoming nature and culture of Fiji and all Fijians. We therefore have much in common to share with one another.

In recent years, the strong bilateral people-people, cultural and religious links between our countries have been bolstered by increasingly strong bilateral government relations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Republic of India visited Fiji in his first year in office in 2014, and this visit was reciprocated by Prime Minister Bainimarama in 2015. Together, the visits have provided a large boost to bilateral relations, and I look forward to working to promote the vision of our two nation’s leaders to mutual benefit.

The Mission’s other accreditations are also of global significance to Fiji, ranging from our fellow Small Island Developing State of Maldives, traditional and long standing bilateral partners such as Sri Lanka, new bilateral partners such as Bhutan with which Fiji established bilateral relations only in 2012, and finally partners with which we have worked very closely in multilateral forums and groups such as the G77, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, with which Fiji seeks to develop much closer bilateral ties.